Direct bills

Direct bills

This page describes extension to Qerko API for direct bills.

Direct bills are mapped to QR codes by POS, not by Qerko, so there is no table between bills and QR codes. Qerko asks POS for a list of bills mapped to a QR code. POS responds with a list of bills which are mapped to the QR code.

POS must handle the QR code and bill mapping itself. Qerko only provides a QR code and interface for customers. This extension must be turned on for the restaurant. Else it won’t be functional.
If you are interested in implementing this extension, contact Qerko in order to turn this extension on for your testing restaurant.

It is still possible to have a few QR codes mapped by Qerko and a few QR codes mapped by POS according to this extension.


  1. Restaurant where customer receives a card which is then used to order items. POS maps this card to a QR code provided by Qerko, which can be used to pay once the customer is ready to leave.

  2. Street food stand where you enter a custom amount to pay into your POS, customer scans a Qerko QR code where they pay the entered amount. Hence, no items need to be specifiied in the POS.



searchBills(qrIdentifier :string, idCustomer :string) :Bill[]

Qerko requests a list of bills mapped to a QR code.

This method is used only in directBill extension.

qrIdentifierstringIdentifier of a QR code, which has been scanned by the customer. Example: “000001”
idCustomerstring/nullIdentifier of the customer, who is at the table. For loyalty program on the POS side.